Saturday, 30 April 2011

PRES Level 2

PRES Level 2 is similiar to PLAB 1 in content as it is  an MCQ exam with negative marking. To pass the exam one needs to obtain more marks than the cutoff   passing marks as required by Irish Medical Council. For preparing for the MCQ Exam the tips are as follows

1. Books Recommended- Oxford Handbook of Medicine and Oxford handbook of surgery.
2. Common things are common- Naturally the important topics will include the medical conditions seen commonly during practice of medicine in Ireland and the topics which are hotly debated in medical press. I will come up with a list of important topics and some study material soon.
3. Level 2 exam (MCQ Section) should be completed in your country of residence prior to coming to Ireland as there are plenty of overseas centers for the exam and living in Ireland while not working is many times more expensive than one's home country.
4. Do not take the exam lightly- Since you will be investing your valuable time and money for the exam you would not like to repeat it so give sufficient time preparing for the exam. At least 3 months should be dedicated to the exam.


  1. Hi, i'm interested in taking the pres 2 exam.can you please tell me where can I find any PRES mcq's? thanks.

  2. Hi..thanx for the info..I would like to see the list of some important topics and also where to find the mcqs.

  3. thnx, we are looking up to you for the topics ad recommended books

  4. there is a facebook page called PRES Preparation

  5. Hi, can I get list of some important topics which can be helpful for pres exam. I would also like lo know is there any mcq book for pres exam. Please let me know